Cold Stream Watershed Dendrology

I have identified a few species that are readily visible along the hiking trail and in the local vicinity of the stream that transects the watershed.  I hope to find specimens to photograph for submission in later assignments of each of these and a few more. The watershed “benefits” from two distinct portions one thatContinue reading “Cold Stream Watershed Dendrology”

Cold Stream/Mcloud Run Watershed

Cold Stream’s “headwaters” begin humble enough on the border of Cedar Rapids and Hiawatha, Iowa. The pathway is interesting in that the stream passes through a residential neighborhood, light industrial/retail area, it follows a bike and walking trail for most of its length, transecting a small urban park until reaching a heavy industrial area andContinue reading “Cold Stream/Mcloud Run Watershed”

Caretakers of Brayton Forest

Brayton Forest and Wildlife Management Area is a joint management are between the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Iowa State University and Iowa State University Extension Service. It is first an foremost a natural resource research property however it also provides public access to a dense upland woodland with mature black walnut, oak and hickoryContinue reading “Caretakers of Brayton Forest”

Brayton Forest – Native Species

Below I have provided a short presentation on the various native tree species of Brayton Memorial Forest. This presentation includes a brief history and purpose of Brayton Forest as well as identification of species with both common and scientific names. The slides also include a brief description of each species and examples of leaf andContinue reading “Brayton Forest – Native Species”

Mobile Apps (free) to assist with Flora and Fauna identification

Here are a few mobile apps I have found that are not only free to utilize but also fun and easy to navigate. Afterall, if they are not easy they won’t get utilized and we all benefit from better understanding our environment. LeafSnap – Plant Identification – This app has a few interesting features includingContinue reading “Mobile Apps (free) to assist with Flora and Fauna identification”

Brayton Forest and Wildlife Management Area – Soil Survey Map

I have attached he diagram produced by utilizing the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Web Soil Survey online tool.  This Soil Map and accompanying Legend display the outline of the property as well as the contours of soil variation within the study area. This software was easy to navigate and following initial trials itContinue reading “Brayton Forest and Wildlife Management Area – Soil Survey Map”