Cold Stream Watershed Dendrology

I have identified a few species that are readily visible along the hiking trail and in the local vicinity of the stream that transects the watershed.  I hope to find specimens to photograph for submission in later assignments of each of these and a few more.

The watershed “benefits” from two distinct portions one that has been undisturbed from development and another section that has had considerable development and disturbance.  This disturbance has come from both nature by way of a Derecho in late summer 2020 and continued human disturbance via road construction and bank disturbance.

Tree and Shrub Species in Cold Stream Watershed

Bigtooth Aspen – (Populus grandidentata): fast growing, shade intolerant, moist upland woods.

Smooth Sumac – (Rhus glabra): medium growth, intermediate tolerance, woodland openings, edges, disturbed areas.

American Basswood – (Tilia americana): fast growing, shade tolerant, prefers moist upland woods, protected bluffs.

Black Walnut – (Juglans nigra): fast growing, shade intolerant, moist woodlands.

Black Oak – (Quercus velutina): medium growth, intermediate tolerance, upland woods, sandy soil.

White Oak – (Quercus alba): slow growing, intermediate tolerance, upland woods, dry slopes.

Red Oak – (Quercus rubra): medium growth, intermediate shade tolerance, moist, upland woods.

Sandbar Willow – (Salix interior): fast growing, shade intolerant, stream banks, sandbar, riparian areas.

Silver Maple – (Acer saccharinum): very fast growing, shade tolerant, alluvial woods, riparian areas.

Cottonwood – (Populus deltoides): very fast growing, very shade intolerant, moist habitats, riparian ares.

Shagbark Hickory – (Carya ovata): slow growing, intermediate shade tolerance, dry upland woods, bluffs.

Honeylocust – (Gleditsia triacanthos): fast growing, intolerant, alluvial woods, old pastures, sandy prairies. Sycamore – (Platanus occidentalis): fast growing, intermediate tolerance, alluvial woods.

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