Climate and Weather Research Tools

Climate Research Resources

Iowa has not developed a statewide adaptation plan to address climate change. However, farmers and agricultural specialists have taken steps to increase carbon sequestration by eschewing traditional farming and utilizing regenerative farming techniques to build resilience in the soil and protect future food supply against threats of climate change.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): National Centers for Environmental Information

This website has many useful links including but not limited to:; as well as access to additional various data.  I found the interesting as I could locate and evaluate Brayton Forest and the potential for a drought situation in the coming months and how that may affect future seedling plantings and or potential harvesting in the region.

Insect disturbance and Climate Change

This website offered information related to insect outbreaks which may adversely affect my study area (Brayton Forest) in the coming months. Emerald Ash Borer has been sited within the Iowa and may pose an issue to forests which contain native ash trees (Fraxinus sp.) specifically the White, Green, and Black species.  This site also provides “recommended reading”, and helpful “related links” and “research” sub-sections.

U.S. Drought Monitor

Another interesting site which provides trending information related to moisture and drought conditions is the “U.S. Drought Monitor.”  This tool clarifies current trends in moisture throughout the U.S. and more specifically to locations of your choosing.  While providing climate outlooks, soil moisture forecasts, national fire outlook and a western water supply outlook it also has recent years history which provides context on how current trends may be developing.

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