As part of this blog to understand the many issues the State of Iowa environment is facing is the issue of its biodiversity. As Iowa continues and intensifies its monoculture approach to agriculture it threatens the very basis that once made Iowa and other great plains states so suitable for agriculture 150 years ago. Its biodiversity.

Dr. Thomas Lovejoy first coined the phrase Biological Diversity (Biodiversity) in the mid – 1980’s to describe what he was witnessing first hand as a researcher in the Amazonian rainforests of South America.

I have incorporated a few sources to namely, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the National Geographic and Encyclopedias Britannica to come up with a definition which I will use during this semester.

Biodiversity – Is a state of evolution where an ecosystem thrives in a state of equilibrium in which a variety of species interact in harmony. These species may include bacteria, fungi, reptiles, birds, all types of plants, and mammals. This species richness works together to create an intricate web, to maintain balance and support life on Earth.

Let me know what you think, edits, additions, subtractions are all welcome.

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