Using the Website

A couple of observations regarding the use of the website, I have noticed it takes quite a few days – weeks to “approve” a sighting once posted.  I currently have six postings of various moths awaiting identification/confirmation.  As part of my graduate coursework we have studied the fact that more taxonomists are needed in all specialties to identify many of the unidentified species and I fear the website is inundated with sightings that need to be verified by an expert lepidopterist.  This is not a huge issue, as I post what I can and simply look for another opportunity. 

I find once on the website it is very informative, user friendly and fun to navigate. It is interesting to “zoom in” on other states and see what they are posting. Also, pictures of rare, popular or beautiful specimens are displayed for viewing simply by accessing the website.  This is a really cool feature and very helpful to assist in what to look for.  There is no formal training required which makes it ideal for youngsters to simply get out and “stir up” some candidates for photos.  A simple net is very helpful as both butterflies and moths fly in a very erratic path with very little gliding, and are subject to the vagaries of even the lightest breeze.  But of course, that is part of the fun.  Give it a try, here is the website again:

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