Public Participation

During the past four weeks I have been observing and “attempting” to gather butterflies and moths for the Citizen Project. While out and about, I feel I pay more attention to the environment available for butterflies in the area.  Of course, home owners like to plant flowers and shrubs and certainly like the occasional butterfly to flutter past their deck or patio – moths…maybe not so much! 

I wonder if many neighborhoods actively plant shrubs and flowering plants to attract butterflies.  Also, many neighborhoods, mine included, use a mosquito fogging vehicle which whisks through the neighborhood on windless evenings a couple of times each summer shortly after dark.  It may be argued the efficacy of this process but wouldn’t it harm the butterflies and moths?  Besides the rudimentary process of “photo-collecting” the butterflies and moths take a moment to observe the habitat that would attract the butterflies.  Maybe this is another lesson to be learned, where is the habitat for butterflies and how can I help? 

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