Moth Sighting

One of the major threats that affect the Lepidoptera Order is the over use of pesticides especially in the agricultural industry so prevalent here in Iowa.  This is not the forum to discuss the use of those pesticides but rather the effects that they may have on pollinator species.  Of course, may people understand that bees are great and efficient pollinators but many butterflies and moths also assist in pollinating flowers and crops including backyard gardens.  I have included a photo of a moth that I submitted to the BAMONA website the other day, registered #1260941.  This is my third such submission and first moth, so it is very rewarding to see my direct contribution to the project first-hand.

While I have some background in insect identification this is not something that should stop anyone from participating. Submissions can be gathered and contributed with as much information as possible and expert taxonomists confirm or assist with identification.  They website is fairly straight-forward to use including gathering date, time of day, temperature and any other information the contributor deems appropriate. Plus, you get the added benefit of being outside! 

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