Cold Stream Watershed Dendrology

Cold Stream Watershed contains many species of woody vegetation, the following is a sample of the various species that are most prevalent in the watershed today. Some species are under pressure have due to natural and man-made activity. Invasive species have also taken there toll on native species within the watershed. Identifying current species and monitoring both the waterway and the surrounding riparian vegetation is a must for future health of both the land and water resource.

Cold Stream Watershed

How to use the information presented in this blog pertaining to Cold Stream Watershed. If you are interested in investigating, researching, and/or understanding the relationship of a stream near you and how human activity effects that watershed some of these items mentioned in this blog may assist in your understanding…I hope so.

Cold Stream Watershed

After discussions with Dr. Egenrieder I would like my blog post to be utilized as an example of issues that can be addressed when researching other similar sized freshwater streams. Rather than a purely scientific research tool I was thinking more along the lines of a citizen scientist project or similar endeavor. The emphasis wojld be more geared towards educating locals regarding the availability, care, and possible restoration of similar watersheds. Cold Stream has the advantage of various local caretakers including a local chapter of Trout Unlimited, Trees Forever and the city of Cedar Rapids Park Department.

Many of the issues facing Cold Stream such as: litter, oil and gas pollution from roadway residue, water temperature variations and fishing pressure are found on other streams in varying degrees so a review of my research related to Cold Stream may be used to identify concerns on a local stream or river near the reader.  I sincerely hope so. Regardless of how the information is used, it is an opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature either as a concerned citizen or aa recreational user.  Expanding our understanding our valuable resources should be fun as well as educational.

Cold Stream – Invasive Species

A pervasive invasive species has rooted near Cold Stream at a point where it enters the Cedar River and has progressively moved upstream. This species thrives in the disturbed portion of the riparian buffer that has been cleared in the past few years due to increased construction activity near the stream. additional disturbance was brough about from the toppling of overstory trees near the stream caused by a Derecho (a wind event producing sustained straight line winds). These openings have allowed the propagation of the species presented below.

Cold Stream – Monitoring Equipment

I have identified some equipment that may be useful to setup a watershed monitoring program for Cold Stream. Here are some equipment suggestions to assist in monitoring the Cold Stream watershed. Some of this equipment would be unnecessary for constant monitoring however a seasonal monitoring program would require most of this equipment. Therefore, I tried to identify items that would provide both an anecdotal as well as scientific context to the monitoring program.  Besides adding an element of fun, it would also provide valuable information as to insect and fish habitat as well as stream temperatures throughout the four seasons experienced by Cold Stream.  Also, water levels are important for continued trout stocking and natural spawning programs.